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Acne is probably the most common skin disease of them all. In fact for adolescents, the percent of teens that experience at least a little bit of acne is nearly 100%. Unfortunately adult acne is also quite common (a lot more common that most people think). For very mild cases, treatment can sometimes be done with over-the-counter products. The 3 best over-the-counter acne products are benzoyl peroxide washes and leave-on products, 2% salicylic acid washes and adapalene cream (sold under the brand name Differin). It is important not to use any oil-containing products on the face or other areas that are experiencing acne. However, many patients may need a prescription regimen in order to get control of their acne. There are many different classes of topical medications. In-office chemical peels, light treatments and acne extraction procedures can also help. For more severe cases sometimes oral medication is needed. For about 10% of acne patients with the most severe or stubborn cases a “big gun” medication called isotretinoin (old brand name Accutane) might be needed. This medicine requires close monitoring and regular visits with your dermatologist but is quite safe when taken as directed and can produce miraculous results for even the most severe cases. No matter how mild or severe your acne is, Skin Win Dermatology can help you find the regimen for you.

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