Our Semaglutide program is considered cosmetic in nature and costs are the responsibility of the patient.Patients start with a low dose of Semaglutide. From there, weight loss begins and your body gets used to the medication. Most patients benefit from increasing the dosage over time to achieve their weight loss goals.

All program levels include:

Level I – 0.25 mg to.5mg                   $379 every 4 weeks

Level II -0.75 mg to 1 mg                  $409 every 4 weeks

Level III – over 1 mg                            $439 every 4 weeks

Patients who have achieved their weight loss goals will enter the Maintenance Program. The Maintenance Program is typically a monthly visit with every other week injections. It is essential to watch food intake during this phase. Maintenance needs will vary by patient to patient, and costs are based on your final level of dosing during the weight loss phase.